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Imagine this... Stories Inspired by Agriculture 2014
Featuring stories from the 2013 Imagine this... story writing contest by Jack Overholtzer, Kahlan Patel, Kayleigh Lugowski, Gargi Rao, Stephanie Temnyk, Grace Reyes, Kylie Merrihew and Mason Liu.
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Awards Ceremony


Imagine this...

Imagine this… Story Writing Contest

Meet Academic Content Standards for California schools through this creative writing contest!

Create a positive learning experience that promotes reading, writing and the arts, and furthers the understanding of agriculture in our lives by using this award-winning contest in your classroom.


2014 Regional Winners
2014 State Winners will be announced Jan. 1, 2015.

Published Author

State-winning authors will have their stories published in an illustrated book and will be distributed to school libraries and classrooms across the state!

Deadline: Nov. 1

Entries must be postmarked by November 1, annually.
Download entry form (PDF, 331 KB)

Entry Details


Regional Level
Two stories from each grade level in each of the four regions will be chosen for regional recognition and awarded

State Level
One story from each grade level will be chosen as the state winner for the contest and awarded

Winning stories must be